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About Me


I am Ben Scott, a freelance Director of Photography or shooting Director based in London/Kent and working globally.

As a Director of Photography I shot the BAFTA-winning documentary Just a Few Drinks for the BBC, have shot music promos for high profile artists as well as internationally acclaimed short films. I’ve filmed supercars up the side of mountains, from helicopters and from the back of other supercars.

I have shot covert footage undercover in Hong Kong helping expose the illegal trade in endangered species, Directed and Produced commercial work for Britain’s oldest brewery and I have accidentally dropped a phone in the Queen’s toilet while Directing and shooting a timelapse film on the Royal Barge prior to the Thames Jubilee celebrations.

These last two were unconnected.

I have worked with Olympians, footballers, actors, TV stars, charities and NGOs, large multi-national brands and small artisanal craftsmen and women. I am passionate about telling stories, and finding new stories to tell.

I have extensive experience with timelapse cameras, Red, Sony and Panasonic digital cinema cameras and 4/6/8k workflows from acquisition through to final delivery across Narrative, Documentary, Commercials, Music Promos, Corporate, Timelapse, Branded Content, marketing and Stills Photography.

I own Netflix-approved 4K Digital Cinema camera kit and can provide a full crew for whatever sized production you require.

Also very experienced and happy to edit and colour grade when required.

If you would like to talk to me about commercial work please get in touch and if you have some exciting sounding non-commercial project you’d like to explore further please contact me to discuss. I am always looking for new story-telling adventures.


Ben Scott